Did you find ugly wrinkles, sagging, dehydration, and rougher texture on your face? Actually, you could make a difference. Say no to ageing and experience a younger looking skin with us now.


Calvin, 34 years old
I always take care of my own physical appearance, and my job requires me to be dressed in a well-groomed and presentable look. But age, it seems, has finally caught up with me. My facial skin began to deteriorate. I am 30 now and have been seeing wrinkles on face and my skin started sagging.

I’ve always had bags and dark circles under my eyes, but I still have them even if I get enough sleep. My skin is dull and looks in need of intensive care. I knew I have to get serious with my skin! And then I found Derma Master.

After 1st session of treatment, I saw instant reduction of wrinkles and my face is more lifted and tight! My skin back to looking smooth and healthy! I become more confident and feel awesome with my look!


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Caroline, 39 years old
I was ashamed of my terrible skin. I was trying so hard to get down with the aging thing, to accept it.

As a working mother of two, I was busy with my duties and didn’t take proper care of my skin. Since giving birth, I wasn’t happy with my skin. I thought it would get better when my daughter weaned a few months ago, but it is worse. My skin became thinner and cellulite more noticeable. I noticed wrinkles, droopy eyelids and dark skin complexion.

I was obsessed over my wrinkles and feeling bad about my sagging skin. I’m just so frustrated to hear from my son that his teacher thought I am his grandmother!

One day, I saw Derma Master’s advert on the newspaper. I visited and tried the treatment. Immediately after the 1st treatment, the annoying wrinkles are gone, my skin are lifted and smoother! My skin is lighter and looking fairer and radiant. Thank you Derma Master!


Rose, 34 years old
I’m always been a very active person, from sports to gymnastics. I spend a lot of time outdoors. And I hate putting sunscreen. It caused the development of sunspots on my face but I didn’t really bother. I noticed it had gotten bigger and darker—it was a pretty ugly thing! I feel so frustrated because of my appearance.

One day, my sister brought me to Derma Master. Oh my goodness, I saw the changes right after the 1st treatment! Then after a few treatments, my pigmentation is gone! My skin is brighter, firmer and I looked so much younger than before! Finally I don’t have to worry about them anymore since I found Derma Master.


Farah, 52 years old
Every time I went out with my daughter, who is in her 20s, I encountered neighbors walking on the street who refer my daughter as my “granddaughter”! I flipped when that happened. I know I am not young anymore but I’m not that old either! I was so upset and I couldn’t focus at work.

I tried to hide my double chin inside my “tudung” and put on so much make up every day but my face still looked terrible. Then I found Derma Master so I decided to try it out. It’s amazing! Just after one time treatment, and I can see my face totally lifted! I cannot thank you enough, Derma Master!


Connie, 40 years old
I am the ugly duckling in my family. I have a round face while my parents and siblings had sharp chin and features. I am dark skinned although my mom and my sisters are fair. I felt like I’m adopted. Seeing my despair, my elder sister asked me to go with her to Derma Master so I went and tried the trial treatment. I was so glad I tried!

The first treatment was superb! I saw my skin lighten almost instantly! Even my round, sagging face was lifted and I don’t have double chin anymore! And I love the service! I met the most skillful consultant who is so friendly. I would definitely recommend Derma Master to my friends.


Amirah, 39 years old
I have very sensitive skin, and I need to find the products as well as treatments that are very gentle for my face. The atmosphere at Derma Master is very relaxed and tranquil, and the service is always fast and thorough, the staffs knowledge of the products and specialized services allow each treatment to be tailored to my individual needs, very happy with my services, Derma Master is simply the best.

I highly recommend Derma Master skin and body therapy. Thank you Derma Master for everything, it’s the perfect beauty choice for me.