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Air Thru ( AirBright, AirScar, AirLift, AirRejuve)

Intradermal treatment is the latest concept in anti-aging skin treatment. The aging process brings about a rapid deterioration in the dermal collagen.

The Air-Thru Treatment is a state of the art technology in the treatment of the skin dermis. Direct infusion of filtered compressed air into the skin dermis creates a horizontal dissection and activates a skin reparative process and reverses the changes brought about by skin aging.

– Improve microcirculation & oxygen off-loading
– Increase collagen and elastin synthesis
– Tighten skin in the horizontal plane
– Improve nutrient delivery for epidermal cell renewal

Suitable for:
– Pigmentation
– Scars
– Fat & Cellulite
– Eye Bags & Dark Circles
– Stretch Marks
– Dehydration (Liquid Rejuvenation)
– Sagging Skin (Facelift)
– Hair Loss

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